SpaceVision 2021

Each year, university chapters compete for the honor of hosting SpaceVision and are selected by the SEDS Council of Chapters…

And we are proud to announce that SEDS Rice will be the hosting chapter of SpaceVision 2021!

Planned to be hosted at Space Center Houston!


Moonshots aren’t just about going to the moon. They’re also about tackling ambitious projects and taking great strides in our search for knowledge in space. This theme encompasses many advancements to come in the next few years, from the Artemis missions to the James Webb Telescope!


After bidding among four other chapters, SEDS Rice obtained the most votes, making us the designated host for SpaceVision 2021! With over 500 attendees expected to attend, SpaceVision will be a fun and great way to connect to leaders in anything space related.


Whether you’re interested in aerospace engineering, marketing, astronomy, or programming, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to explore your interests!


Even if you don’t attend the event, you can still get involved with SEDS Rice to help us plan it out! We’re currently working with Space Center Houston, the visitor’s center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center, to see what the event would look like when it takes place there!

What is SpaceVison?

The SpaceVision conference is almost as old as SEDS itself, bringing together students of many disciplines from all corners of the country to celebrate their shared passion for all things space. Building on the tradition started in 1989 among the first SEDS chapters, this gathering includes panels of industry leaders, technical project competitions, and opportunities for our members to engage with current professionals from across the space sector.

Who can go to SpaceVision?

Anyone! If you’re a Rice Student, you’ll be able to get a very nice discount on ticket prices!

When is SpaceVision?

While we are still planning specific dates, we expect the conference to take place sometime in late October to early November 2021. It will be over the course of a few days from Thursday afternoon through Saturday evening!

Where is SpaceVision?

We plan to have it at Space Center Houston, the visitor’s center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center! We’re currently in contact with them now planning logistics.

How can I get involved?!

Visit the “Contact Us” tab in the header to get involved! We will then add you to our slack channel, where you’ll get all the latest updates as to how you can participate in planning this amazing event!