Our Mission

 Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Rice strives to empower undergraduate and graduate students to explore and engage in space disciplines both at Rice and abroad.


Our Purpose

The primary objective of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Rice is to increase student passion for space disciplines in the Rice Community. Rice has a momentous history in the space industry dating from the creation of NASA and John F. Kennedy’s famous “We go to the Moon” speech in Rice Stadium. SEDS Rice aims to build on this history by providing students numerous opportunities to network with space industry professionals and share their ideas about space.


Ways to Get Involved

We have a multitude of technical projects we’re working on now, so click the “Projects” tab in the header to explore a few of the ways. Or, you can help us plan one of the largest student space conferences in the world, SpaceVision 2021. If you want something on a smaller scale, think about getting involved with planning our Symposiums or Lecture Series! Please Contact Us if you would like to join!


Team Awards


Rice Student Activities Program of the Year – Owls in Space Symposium

NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative – OwlSat CubeSat

February 2020 SEDS-USA Chapter of the Month


Astranis SEDS-SAT 2 Competition Runner Up – OwlSat CubeSat