Our Mission

 Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Rice strives to empower undergraduate and graduate students to explore and engage in space disciplines both at Rice and abroad.

Our Purpose

The primary objective of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Rice is to increase student passion for space disciplines in the Rice Community. Rice has a momentous history in the space industry dating from the creation of NASA and John F. Kennedy’s famous “We go to the Moon” speech in Rice Stadium. SEDS Rice aims to build on this history by providing students numerous opportunities to network with space industry professionals and share their ideas about space.

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Our Team

Ryan Udell, President

MechE ’21

Our President, Ryan Udell, is a junior from McMurtry College pursuing mechanical engineering and a certificate in the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership. He hails from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and he enjoys reading business books and watching rocketry videos in his spare time. As President, Ryan works tirelessly to empower others to reach their full potential by connecting them with numerous space opportunities on campus and abroad. Ryan aspires to reignite Rice University’s aerospace capabilities by increasing connections with the space industry.



Feni Pandya, Vice President/Outreach Chair

Space Studies Masters

Feni Pandya, the Outreach Chair, is a first-year Professional Science Master’s student in Space Studies. She graduated with a B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from Amity University Dubai. She was the President of an aerospace engineering club in her undergrad, Aero-club Amity Dubai. She led the team and organized events, including events for school kids, to enhance the students’ knowledge about aerospace concepts. She aims to become an astronaut and is interested in designing vehicles for faster space travel which will change the dynamics of exploring the universe.



Paul Glenski, Projects Chair

ELEC ’22

A sophomore from Wiess College, Paul has always been interested in space and the limitless potential it has to reshape our collective human existence. One of the main reasons he decided to attend Rice University was to be closer to the Houston Space Complex. Unfortunately, when he arrived, he realized that Rice had fallen a bit behind the times when it came to the space industry. However, SEDS Rice is here to change that and he is proud to be a part of it.




Robert Bullard, Business Development Chair

Space Studies Masters

Our Business Development Chair, Robert Bullard, is pursuing his Professional Science Master’s in Space Studies. Prior to attending Rice, Robert graduated from North Carolina State University with a B.S. in physics, along with minors in economics and mathematics. Funded through the NASA Flight Opportunities program within the Daniels Lab, Robert helped develop and fly the experimental apparatus for Project EMPANADA (Ejecta-Minimizing Protocols for Applications Needing Anchoring or Digging on Asteroids). The experiment probed photoelastic granular materials and regolith simulants in Martian, lunar, and microgravity environments on a series of parabolic flights. Robert chose Rice University’s Space Studies Master’s program for its interdisciplinary approach to space activities and looks forward to making an impact in the space industry.